Nijyumaru Japanese Restaurant: Best Sushi in Sutera

Nijyumaru Japanese Restaurant: Best Sushi in Sutera – Johor Bahru Food

Nijyumaru Japanese Restaurant: Best Sushi in JB • Johor Bahru

Nijyumaru Japanese Restaurant | 二重丸 日本料理 is no doubt one of the best Japanese restaurants in JB (Johor Bahru) at Skudai with the best sushi. The journey is approximately 40 minutes to 1 hour by car from Singapore Tuas Checkpoint to JB (Show Map).
If you are searching for uncompromised Japanese food quality in JB at a reasonable price, don’t miss Nijyumaru!

We planned a weekend stay at Pulai Springs Golf Resort to celebrate my friend’s birthday. The check-in time for the resort was 3 pm. Thus, we made a lunch booking at 1 pm at Nijyumaru Japanese Restaurant. My friends strongly recommended the food there as they went there before. They raved about how value-for-money it was. Before going to Pulai Spring Resort, the four of us first drove to Nijyumaru Japanese Restaurant at Skudai Johor in Taman Sutera Utama.

Although the seating capacity of Nijyumaru restaurant was almost full, the noise level, on the contrary, was very soft to my amazement. Unlike the restaurants in Singapore that are always noisy and sometimes irritable, I would say that the whole dining ambience made me extremely comfortable to dine there. Hmm… maybe Malaysians are more soft-spoken than Singaporeans.

Our Delicious Foodstagram @ Nijyumaru Japanese Restaurant

Sake Haru Cheese Maki, being the first on the list looked really appetising. It tasted as good as its presentation – fresh and delicious. This Japanese sushi had one of my favourite cooking method of half-cooked salmon topped with a piece of cheese, catalysed the mouthwatering effect.

The two bowls of chawanmushi (Japanese steamed egg) were full of nourishment in it. Ikura Chawanmushi had salmon roe topping (left), and Fukahire Chawanmushi had shark fin on it (right). Having tried both as I’m a sucker for chawanmushi, the left one, Ikura Chawanmushi was tastier than Fukahire Chawanmushi if you have to choose between the two.

Domori is a platter of raw fish that all sashimi lovers should order. An alluring assortment of fresh sashimi that would make all sashimi fanatics salivate! Moreover, the evaporating ice ensured the highest quality of freshness for sashimi at Nijyumaru Japanese Restaurant.



Just having sashimi alone is never enough to fill up the stomach unless you kill all the fishes and go for “Eat-All-You-Can” buffet. Whenever I go to any Japanese restaurant, my top choice will always be plates and plates of sushi rather than a bento set. As sushi has rice, it keeps your stomach fuller. Man, I’m a big sushi eater than your average girl and can swallow a whale since this is the best sushi restaurant in JB.

My friend had gracefully shared her Nijyumaru Bento set with me. She claimed that she could not finish all her food, especially sushi. Having an elastic stomach and an enormous craving for Japanese food, I gladly gobbled up any delicious leftover that she offered me.

The dripping brown sauce from Sake Kawa Salad and the crunchy sound of Soft Shell Crab Tempura are two Japanese plates that never failed to stimulate the taste buds and the ears to make you say “yummy” at Nijyumaru Japanese Restaurant!

All of us ordered as much food as we could in Nijyumaru Restaurant as the lunch was very delicious and well-worth its the price. Coming from Singapore, we were also exploiting on the weak Malaysian currency exchange of Ringgit against Singapore Dollars at that time when the exchange rate was SG$1 to RM$3.

Japanese Food Cost @ Nijyumaru

We spent a total of RM$ 372.25 / S$ 124 for four people inclusive of service charge and tax. The average cost for one person is RM$ 93 / S$ 31. I usually pay around the same price in Singapore when I dine in Japanese restaurants like Genki Sushi, Sakae Sushi and Ichiban Sushi. However, the quality of food was not as high as Nijyumaru Japanese Restaurant, and the quantity ordered was not as much too.

Below is the breakdown of cost for the menu that we ordered at Nijyumaru Japanese Restaurant. The price stated here is correct at the time of writing and may be subject to change by the restaurant. The exchange rate used is S$1 = RM$3.

Name Unit Price (Ringgit | SGD)
Kani Temaki RM   3.80 | S$   1.20
Shiro Maguro Sushi RM   8.80 | S$   2.90
Aburi Sake Sushi RM 10.80 | S$   3.60
Fukahire Chawanmushi RM 10.80 | S$   3.60
Ikura Chawanmushi RM 12.80 | S$   4.20
Sake Kawa Salad RM 15.80 | S$   5.20
Soft Shell Crab Tempura RM 16.80 | S$   5.60
Unagi Sushi RM 17.80 | S$   5.90
Sake Haru Cheese Maki RM 21.80 | S$   7.20
Isaki Sashimi RM 38.80 | S$ 13.00
Gindara Sashimi Set RM 38.80 | S$ 13.00
Nijyumaru Bento RM 38.80 | S$ 13.00
Domori RM 98.80 | S$ 33.00

Nijyumaru Reservation Tips

  • Reserve in advance to avoid disappointment.
  • Be punctual.
  • The queue will be long over the weekend. The staffs may release your reservation to someone else if you do not arrive within 15 minutes of your booking time.
  • We anticipated ourselves to be slightly late on that day. So, we called up the restaurant, just to play safe that they would not release the seats to others.

I will recommend you or the adventurous Singaporeans to drive to JB and try out the food in Nijyumaru Japanese Restaurant. Unfortunately, they do not have a website to check their food menu. Their Facebook Page is not active either. However, you can refer to Nijyumaru Google Page to know that they are still alive and kicking in the market by reading the reviews left by others and the food photos. Nijyumaru Japanese Restaurant must be one of the best Japanese restaurants in JB.

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