9 Comino and Gozo Boat Trips to Cruise Your Way in One Day

9 Comino and Gozo Boat Trips to Cruise Your Way in One Day

Gozo & Comino in One day: Boat Trip Cruise to Malta Sisters’ Islands

Visit Gozo and Comino in one day with boat trips and cruise activities for water sports and sightseeing without fretting over which bus to take in Gozo for land excursions. A cruise will bring you to see panoramic cliffs, coves and inlets around the islands which are unique travel highlights in Malta. Swim, snorkel, dive or sunbathe at renowned Comino Blue Lagoon.

Comino Boat Trips

Gozo and Comino in One Day

You can see both Comino and Gozo in one day due to the similar direction in which the cruise is heading. It is a popular choice for tourists to shorten the travelling time as many boat trips offer such a service. Departing from Sliema Malta, the ferry will first pass by Comino and then to Gozo as Comino Island is in the middle of the three islands.

However, you may also want to consider spending two different days in Comino or Gozo by taking a ferry. That depends on the intention of your visit and length of stay in Malta. After spending 2 weeks in Malta mostly in my Maltese friend’s car, I have concluded that the waiting time for buses and the journey is time-consuming and crowded. I have also taken a bus to the beaches situated in the northern part of Malta.

Swim at Comino Blue Lagoon

The renowned Blue Lagoon at 3.5 sq km of Comino Island is incredible. Comino has the bluest water in the Mediterranean sea. One can see an azure paradise of the Blue Lagoon from far by ferry. The sea pool makes it perfect for swimming, snorkelling or diving as no boat can enter into the sister island of Malta. The Comino history is best known for its hideout for pirates to raid Gozo or to escape from its enemy.

The turquoise sea colour was also used as shooting scenes for some famous movies – Troy (2004) and Swept Away (2002). Hence, Comino Blue Lagoon is one place where you like to chill if you are in for some water sports. If you are not there for swimming but merely want to witness its splendour for a short while, you can take a ferry and proceed to Gozo. Take note that the Comino Island is a highly touristic place. You have been warned, though.

Comino Blue Lagoon Cruise

Sightseeing in Gozo

Gozo is another island which I would term it similar to Malta where there are more things to do and see other than the beach. It is the second-largest island next to Malta. You can visit the UNESCO site, Citadella at Victoria, which is the centre of Gozo. There are many more hidden gems at Gozo which is worth exploring and will wow your day away. If a city tour is what you fancy instead of swimming and sunbathing, then you can go Gozo directly and spend an entire day there.

Comino and Gozo Boat Trip Cruise

Here are some highlights of the boat trips and cruise activities you can do in Comino and Gozo in one day. Some of the tour packages include hotel transfer or otherwise, optional with a small charge. There is free WiFi on board of the vessels. You can read the full description of the activity from the button link.

Malta Cruise Map


Comino and the Blue Lagoon (Full Day)

Starts at 3 pm departing from Sliema Marina, cruise towards some of the landmarks at Sliema, St. Julians, the Casino, St.Andrews, Salina Bay and the shipwreck of St. Paul in the 60 A.D with this Comino boat trip. Finally, stop at the famous Comino Blue Lagoon to enjoy the rest of the time for swimming, sunbathing or ashore to the small white sandy beach. Arrive at 5.30 pm at Sliema during the summer.

Food Inclusive: Delicious cold buffet lunch with a selection of cold meat cuts and different salads, fresh fruit, Maltese bread & local wine during lunch. You get free drinks throughout the Comino cruise which includes wine and beer.

Adult €28 | Child €12


Comino Sunset Cruise (Full Day)

Comino Blue Lagoon is a top tourist attraction thanks to its unparalleled crystal blue water. The best time to enjoy the serenity of Comino island is when the crowd gets lesser. The Sunset Cruise departs at 1 pm to Comino for swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving or lazing at the beach. Guests can witness the gorgeous sunset on this Comino boat trip, sailing slowly past the Grand Harbour famous for its fortification and returns around 9 pm.

Food Inclusive: Lunch with unlimited beer, wine, water and soft drinks.

Adult €30 | Child €20


Gozo by Bus & Comino by Boat

Cruising north from Sliema creek towards Gozo Mgarr Harbour is where you will get a land excursion. Driving through Xewkija, Xlendi, Rabat, Citadel, Gharb (ta Pinu Basilica), Dwejra, including many other picturesque villages of Gozo, you can stop for photo-taking or visit the site. Next, board the vessel and sail towards Comino Blue Lagoon for a swim or take a breezy stroll before leaving. On the way back, the boat trip passes by prominent attractions and then finally back to Sliema creek.

Food and Entrance Tickets: Not inclusive

Adult €35 | Child €18


Transfer with Powerboat to Comino and/or Gozo

Speed your way to Comino island with a powerboat trip commencing from Sliema/St. Julian’s at 10 am passing by St. Paul’s Bay and Mellieha Bay. The powerboat trip includes a visit to the caves at Comino. You can also extend this package to go to Gozo in the morning and then to Comino Blue Lagoon in the afternoon for an additional charge. The other optional itinerary is to join a bus tour in Gozo with others in a group or a private tour (just you) to see Gozo attractions.

Food Inclusive: You can enjoy a buffet in Comino for an extra charge. This service is not available daily and only restricted to powerboats to Comino and not to Gozo.

Adult €47 | Child €32


Gozo, Comino and the Blue Lagoon (Full Day)

Spend a full day on the Fernandes, which is a Turkish Gullet departing from Sliema Marina. On the way to Gozo in the morning, the boat will drop anchor to admire the panoramic cliffs, coves and inlet which are highlights in Malta. Meanwhile, you can also swim, sunbathe, or relax at the Fernades’ deck. After lunch, the boat trip proceeds to Comino Blue Lagoon for swimming and then ends in Sliema Marina in the late afternoon.

Food Inclusive: Morning Snack. Hot and cold buffet consisting of grilled steak, fish, a selection of hot vegetables and potatoes, varieties of cold meat cuts and different salads. Wine and fresh fruits are also served during lunch.

Adult €55 | Child €35


Catamaran Tour to Comino (Full Day)

The largest sailing catamaran departs from Sliema at 10.00am to the most scenic bays in Malta, Gozo and Comino. The cruise stops for water sports in different bays and visits the Comino Blue Lagoon depending on the weather condition. After lunch, the party begins with music, dancing and socialising with others. You will return to Sliema at approximately 6.00 pm.

Food Inclusive: Cold buffet lunch including Roast Beef, Smoked Gammon, Ham and Mortadella, Smoked Salmon, salad bar – tuna and crab salad and fresh fruit.

Adult €55 | Child €35


Discover Gozo (Full Day)

Visit all the well-known landmarks of Gozo such as the Citadel in Victoria, the Dwejra area with Fungus Rock, the Inland Sea, the rocky cliffs in Xlendi Bay and Ggantijja Temples (close on Monday). Shop in the market with local Gozitan handmade delicacies like honey and cheese, products like knitwear and woollen goods. The price includes transfer to and fro your accommodation.

Friday Special: Visit the National Shrine of the Blessed Virgin of Taʹ Pinu at the edge of the cliff for a breathtaking sea view instead of going to Ggantijja Temples.

Food Inclusive: 3-course lunch

Adult €60 | Child €24


Gozo Jeep Safari

The Jeep Safari is here to bring you the most fascinating and secluded parts of Gozo island, which are rarely visited by tourists. Even the locals are not aware of them. The professional Safari leader will guide their guest throughout the day via radio communication. A stop for swimming is part of the programme. You will be picked up at 7.30 am onwards and return to the Safari Terminal at 6.00 pm. Price inclusive of all transfers including return ferry tickets from Malta to Gozo.

Food Inclusive: Traditional Maltese lunch for sampling local specialities.

Adult €69 | Child €59


Gozo Jeep Safari & Comino Cruise

Commencing the pickup from your accommodation from 7.15 am, proceeds to the harbour to catch the ferry. The Jeep Safari tour excursion starts in Gozo at 9.30 am bringing you to visit the top highlights. Later, sail around Comino Island to witness more picturesque bays. Finally, the last stop would be at Blue Lagoon for the rest of the day for swimming or snorkelling. Price inclusive of all transfers including return ferry tickets from Malta to Gozo and snorkelling equipment onboard the ship.

Food Inclusive: Snacks, a lunch buffet and unlimited water and wine during the sailing tour.

Adult €79 | Child €59

That is not all. You can also check out more fun land tours in Malta, Gozo and Comino.

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