4 Ferry to Mgarr Gozo

4 Ferry to Mgarr Gozo & Comino from Malta Cirkewwa Terminal

Ferry Options between Cirkewwa Malta, Mgarr Gozo & Comino Island

The Republic of Malta is an archipelago consisting of 3 islands – Malta, Comino and Gozo. It will be a shame not to visit Comino or Gozo if you are travelling to Malta. Comino Island is in between Malta and Gozo. Many ferry companies offer the option to stop at Comino Blue Lagoon and then proceed to Gozo from Cirkewwa Malta. In reverse, the ferry can also commence from Mgarr Gozo to Comino and then to Malta.

One can opt to take a ferry from the harbour, which is the highlight of this post. Alternatively, book a Comino and Gozo boat trip or cruise activity which also stops at either one or both islands on the same day.

Cruise activities are top choices for tourists as you can go swimming at Comino Blue Lagoon and also sightseeing in Gozo in one day. An advantage of a land tour in Gozo is not having to fret about finding out the bus number to take there, long waiting time and crowdedness inside the public transport.

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Malta to Gozo Ferry

One can go Gozo directly from Malta by Gozo Channel Line while passing by Comino Island to catch a gleam of Blue Lagoon azure beauty that has a different sea colour compared to its surrounding. With this ferry route, one can also bring their cars and motorbikes with them and store them in the ferry basement. Upon arrival at Mgarr Gozo Ferry Terminal, the passengers can retrieve their vehicles and drive around Gozo.

Not only do the Maltese residents benefit from this advantage, but even tourists make good use of such service with their rented vehicles. However, you cannot bring your vehicle along with you to Comino Island on any of the ferries because there are virtually no cars and no roads there. Only a handful of service transport to bring guests to the hotel.

How Long is the Ferry from Malta to Gozo?

Cirkewwa Ferry Terminal is where you will depart from Malta to Gozo located at the northernmost part of Malta. It will take approximately 25 minutes and sometimes longer due to the wind and sea conditions. Do note that the bus journey from the touristic districts of Valletta or Sliema to Cirkewwa is 1 hour or more adding to your total travel time to Gozo.

Bringing a Car into Gozo Channel Ferry

My Maltese friend wanted to bring her car to show us around Gozo. She drove it directly into the basement of the ferry. Then, we parked the car amidst many vehicles there. Subsequently, we took the stairs and went up to the first floor, and then the upper open deck where many tourists were enjoying the scenery and the sea breeze. At this juncture, we did not have to buy any tickets or make payment yet. One only pays when returning while driving out from the ferry basement on land.

Gozo Ferry Prices and Timetable 2019

Here are the Gozo Ferry prices and timetable for the whole year despite having summer and winter dates.

  • Car with Driver: €15.70
  • Adult Passenger: €4.65
  • Children (3 to 12 years): €1.15

The Gozo Ferry schedule runs at a regular interval of every 45 minutes and operates for 24 hours daily.

Gozo Ferry Ticket Price

A Peek Inside Gozo Channel Ferry

» Capacity

Gozo Channel has a fleet of 4 ships that service the sea route between Malta and Gozo – M.V. Malita, M.V. Ta’ Pinu, M.V. Gaudos and Nikolaos. The first three ships are the largest and have a length of 85.40m and a gross tonnage close to 4,900 tonnes. Its mass passenger capacity of 900 people means that there are ample seats and space for everyone. What’s more, they are accessible to people with a disability on board. You can also find lifts inside the ship.

» Cafe

The capacity of Gozo Ferry is large and comfortable enough to accommodate many tourists, even during the peak summer season. There is a cafe inside the ferry, but it can be occupied with people and finding an empty table will be a challenge.

» Observation Deck

The top observation deck of Gozo Ferry was a paradise for many passengers during the 30-minute journey. While passing by Comino island, it was quite a stunning sight, especially the few seconds glance of the Blue Lagoon which disappeared from the eyes quickly.

Gozo Ferry Terminal at Mgarr

That is how the charming Gozo Ferry Terminal looked like when the ferry is approaching the Mġarr Harbour.

Gozo Land Tours

Two fun land excursions in Gozo for travelling to many points of interest in the shortest time possible if you are not driving. Food is inclusive for Gozo tours.

  • Discover Gozo (Full Day): Visit all the landmarks and places of interest in Gozo to cover your Gozo travel in one day.
  • Gozo Jeep Safari (Full Day): Have fun with a Jeep Safari using the radio to communicate with your professional guide to the most secluded places in Gozo. Even the locals do not know their existence.

Comino Ferry

We have discussed the option to travel from Malta to Gozo directly. The other alternative is to take a Comino ferry or even cruises to visit Gozo and Comino in one day with a buffet lunch if you are in for some pampering.

Some cruise activities will save you more time to see two islands in a short time as transport is available to bring you around Gozo. Otherwise, you can also download some Malta navigation apps to figure out the public buses to go from one place to another.

Blue Lagoon Comino Malta

1. Comino Ferries Co-Op

Comino Ferries provide round trip ferries from Malta to Comino daily. It departs either from Marfa Bay or Cirkewwa Ferry terminal in Malta which the distance is 1 km apart. You can check both locations on the Maps at the sidebar.

The journey is approximately 25 minutes to Comino and 35 minutes on return. You can have the option to continue your journey from Comino to Gozo for the same price. However, when you return from Gozo to Cirkewwa Malta, you have to take a ferry from Gozo Channel (as above) and pay €4.65 for a single/round trip ticket.

If you are travelling by bus: Cirkewwa is the ideal spot to board as it is the last stop on the route to the Gozo Ferry.
If you are travelling by car: Marfa is the preferred boarding location as there are plenty of free parking lots available. The company is across the Riviera Resort hotel.

Comino Ferries Ticket Price

You will save €1 if you purchase the tickets online versus the counter. The ferry ticket has to be purchased 24 hours in advance. Subsequently, you will receive an email. The e-ticket has no expiry date and can be used on any day.

  • Adult: €12.00 (online) / €13.00 (Marfa Bay or Cirkewwa Ferry Terminal)
  • Child (Aged 5 to 12): €4.50 (online) / €5.00 (Marfa or Cirkewwa Ferry Terminal)

Comino Ferries Timetable

You can refer to the precise timing from Comino Ferries Timetable and also the departure times from Santa Maria in Comino Island.

  • From Malta to Comino: The first ferry starts from 8.30 am until 5 pm and runs every 30 minutes.
  • From Comino to Malta: The timing is from 9.30 am until 7 pm with an hourly interval until 3.30 pm. The next ferry from 4 pm onwards will continue with the same 1-hour interval until 7 pm.
  • From Comino to Gozo: The service commences at 11 am and operates every one hour until 6 pm.

Comino Blue Lagoon Cruise and Boat Trip

2. Ebsons Comino Ferries – Comino Ferry Service

Ebsons Comino Ferries is another option providing a scheduled ferry service from Cirkewwa Malta to Comino or from Mgarr Gozo to Comino. For its operation in Malta, the ferry is only available at Cirkewwa Ferry Terminal.

Comino Ferry Service Tickets

Also known as Comino Ferry Service from the URL, the company offers a few packages of online ferry tickets. The prices stated are return tickets with the exception that if the ferry goes to 3 islands, the prices are considered as Return Ticket.

If you choose the last two packages where your final destination is in Malta or Gozo, similarly, you have to buy a separate ticket from Gozo Channel at €4.65 to return to your departure point. [Adult ☟ Child (5 to 10 years)]

  • Mgarr Gozo to Comino Blue Lagoon: €6.99 | €3.00
  • Mgarr Gozo to Comino Blue Lagoon + Caves: €11.99 | €6.50
  • Cirkewwa (Malta) to Comino Blue Lagoon: €12.00 | €5.50
  • Cirkewwa (Malta) to Comino, return to Mgarr (Gozo): €12.00
  • Gozo to Comino Blue Lagoon, return to Cirkewwa (Malta): €9.00

Comino Ferry Service Schedule

The ferry schedule runs hourly. More ferry trips on a half-hourly interval can be expected during the peak period in summer.

  • From Malta to Comino: First Ferry 9.10 am | Last Ferry 3.10 pm & 3.40 pm during summer
  • From Gozo to Comino: First ferry 8.00 am | Last Ferry 6.00 pm

From Malta to Comino: You will pass by the caves during the journey before arriving at Blue Lagoon.
From Gozo to Comino: Only the ferry departure time at 2.15 pm and 4.15 pm can you experience the trip around the cave.

Comino Island Boat Trip

3. Bella Comino Ferry – Gozo Comino Ferry

Bella Comino Ferry Service is a small family based in Gozo which operates only from Gozo to Comino with return tickets.

Bella Ferry Tickets

Also known as Gozo Comino Ferry, these are the online prices for your ferry return tickets. Do note that there will be no ticket sent to your email. You have to show the payment confirmation at the ferry. Therefore, remember to do a screenshot or download the receipt out. [Adult ☟ Child (5 to 10 years)]

  • Mgarr Gozo to Comino Return: €6.95 | €3.00
  • Mgarr Gozo to Comino + Caves Return: €11.95 | €6.40

Gozo Comino Ferry Schedule

The Bella – Gozo Comino Ferry schedule runs hourly.

  • From Gozo to Comino: First ferry 8.00 am | Last Ferry 6.00 pm
  • From Comino to Gozo: First ferry 8.15 am | Last Ferry 6.15 pm

From Comino to Gozo: The ferry will pass by the caves only at 2.15 pm and 4.15 pm departure time.

Gozo and Comino Tours

Cruise trips are a way to spice up your activities to both Malta sisters’ islands. Here are some exciting ones.

Check more tantalising tours out there!

Comino Boat Trips

Conclusion of the Ferry Services in Malta

Now you have practically all the information and pricing on the ferry services to all the 3 islands. The cost is also inexpensive. What will you do? If the idea of a cruising activity around the islands of Gozo, Comino, Sliema or St. Julian’s sounds fascinating to you, catch me on the next article.

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