15 Best Restaurants in Malta

15 Best Restaurants in Malta & Gozo You Will Salivate As I :DiD Recommended by Locals

Recommending the Top Malta Restaurants & Food You’ll Never Forget

Where are the best restaurants in Malta and Gozo? I would consider Malta as a food paradise with a rich heritage of Italian and Middle Eastern food besides Maltese cuisine. The most pleasurable thing about dining in Malta was the affordable food in the restaurants that made our pockets happy.

The average price of the main course is around €10 to €15 in Malta. Sometimes, a cocktail like Long Island Tea can cost cheaper relative to a can of beer. So, check out the drink menu before ordering your drinks if you prefer a cocktail over beer. For our two week holidays in Malta, we were lucky to stay with two locals who are our friends.

Friends are always eager to be the best hosts and to bring us around to restaurants which they have already tried themselves and have positive reviews about the food. We tried many different types of food except those in Chinese restaurants. Our friends told us that the locals do not find Chinese food authentic. Hence, we did not try the Chinese cuisine, but we did try the Japanese, Indian and Asian restaurants.

Sliema Restaurants

We stayed in Sliema and so, our food journey started from here. In case you wonder how to get from Valletta to Sliema by ferry or bus, you can find out more in this post. Sliema is well-known for its beach – Exiles Bay. There are a lot of restaurants and bars along the promenade which have splendid views of the sea.

The temperature in Sliema is also 1℃ lower than in Valletta and has more wind, thanks to the cooling sea breeze. Therefore, cafes and bars make a perfect spot to chill while enjoying the sea breeze. Remember to try out the local Cisk beer and Kinnie soft drink while enjoying the sea breeze.

1. Paradise Exiles

Paradise Exiles Food Menu
Mon – Sun: 9 am to 1 am

Paradise Exiles located at Exiles Beach was the first beach bar that we went on the next morning after arriving on the island with Air Malta the night before. We took a taxi from Malta Airport to Sliema. We tasted the Malta local beer, Cisk and also discovered the local Maltese soft drink, Kinnie. Cisk beer tasted mild. Kinnie had a bittersweet taste as it was brewed from bitter oranges.

I loved the aftertaste of Kinnie, whereas some of my friends disliked it. One of the food to try here was its burger, recommended by my local friend. I ordered a Classic Burger, which the patty was juicy. Paradise Exiles was one of the best places to chill in Sliema. It was always windy, making it perfect for warm weather of over 30℃ in Malta along with a soothing sea view.

Paradise Exiles Beach Bar Food

2. ImPasta

ImPasta Restaurant Menu
Mon – Thu: 12 pm to 10.30 pm
Fri – Sun: 12 pm to 11 pm

ImPasta Restaurant was my best dining experience in Sliema. The Italian restaurant served the best pasta that I have eaten in my life. Recollecting about my first bite and the euphoric widening of my eyes, I can salivate at the thought of it even at this point of writing. Yes, I was exaggerating, along with a Belgian friend who claimed that his Carbonara was one of the best he had ever eaten. Testimony by one who grew up eating a lot of pasta in his life.

Upon entering the Italian restaurant, you can see a big board with a plentiful choice of meat and fish. After deciding what to order, you tell the chef at the counter, and then proceed to choose your pasta. ImPasta Italian Restaurant has 3 outlets – St. Julien, Sliema and Valletta. You got to try the fresh pasta from one of the best Italian restaurants in Malta so you will leave Malta without regret!

ImPasta Malta Sliema

3. Marrobbio

Marrobbio Menu
Mon – Thu: 5.30 pm to 11.30 pm
Fri – Sun: 12 pm to 11.30 pm

Marrobbio is an Italian restaurant that serves one of the best pizzas in Sliema with a chewy crust. They have a selection in Pizza Starters and also Pizza Classica. As I am not a pizza lover in general, I ordered a Linguine Alle Vongole which had clams on it. The pasta menu section has Starters and Main options on it as an indication of the serving size. I ordered the smaller one. To my amazement, my linguine came in a standard portion which did not look small at all. You can check out their menu on their Facebook page.

Marrobio Sliema Restaurant

4. Pure Living

Pure Living Restaurant Menu
Mon – Fri: 8 am to 8 pm
Sat: 10 am to 6 pm

Pure Living, as the name suggests, started with a passion for health and well-being. The restaurant wanted to have more healthy food options on top of the variety of food offered in Malta. To support the theory, Pure Living made their juices and food with natural and organic ingredients where possible. Their Thai Fish Rice Curry with organic brown rice was heavenly with no sugar added. Halloumi is another must-try cheese stick that originated from the Middle East if you fancy some healthy snacks without sugar.
Pure Living Malta Restaurant

5. Maypole Sliema (Bakery)

Maypole Bakery
Mon – Sun: 6 am to 8.30 pm

We were staying near to Maypole Bakery in Sliema. Almost every morning, we would go to the shop to get our sandwiches before starting our day or walk to Exiles Bay beach for a swim. We loved all the local sandwiches sold in Maypole. What is unique about breakfast in Malta is that the bread has filling inside. We tried a different filling each time and were utterly in love with the savoury. Maypole has a chain of 24 branches all over different parts of cities in Malta.

Recommendations by locals: Tuna Ftira and Pastizzi are some foods which the Maltese people hold dear to their hearts.

  • Tuna Ftira: A round-shaped semi-flat bread with a filling of tuna, tomato sauce and olive oil
  • Pastizzi: A savoury pastry made of ricotta (Italian cheese) or mushy pea stuffing
  • Qassatat: Similar to Pastizzi, Qassatat is a tart filled with ricotta cheese, peas, or spinach and anchovies
  • Ciabatta: Italian white bread (and comes with savoury fillings inside)
  • Carrot Cake: A favourite among the locals made with carrots, nuts and raisins

Maypole Bakery Sliema

St. Julian’s Restaurants

As St. Julian’s is around 25 to 30 minutes of walking from Sliema, this area was the next most patronised as we could go on foot. St. Julian’s district is a club-goers’ destination and one of the centres of attractions for parties and trendy people. It has a congregation of hotels, restaurants, pubs and some sleazy bars. Expect vibrant crowds and dazzling lights, especially on weekends where the locals and tourists go clubbing.

6. Club Sushi

Club Sushi Menu
Mon – Sat (Lunch): 12 to 3 pm
Mon – Sun (Dinner): 6 to 11 pm

Located at the area of St. Julian’s, which was a walking distance of 30 minutes away from Sliema, Club Sushi was the first Asian restaurant to which we went. Pride themselves of being the first restaurant in Malta that specialises in Korean and Japanese cuisine, the chefs from Korea and Japan assure the authenticity of the Asian cuisine while the prices remain competitive. Take a peek at their menu first if you have a craving for some sushi or udon. My boyfriend and I had a 20 Pcs Chef’s Choice from the Nigiri & Roll Combo Platter.

Club Sushi St Julian's

7. Kuya Asian Pub

Kuya Malta Menu
Mon – Sat (Lunch): 10 am to 3 pm
Mon – Sat (Dinner): 6 pm to 10 pm

A small little pub in St. Julian’s is a hidden gem when it comes to serving delicious Asian food at a low cost. There was no country-specific food as it was a mix of Thailand, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese food between €10 to €11 for the main course. Such a low price and tasty food indeed made our stomach and pocket very happy.

The pub was so small without any table left for the five of us. Therefore, we sat at the bar. I had Bang Bang Chicken with Peanut Butter & Sweet Chilli, which was a Sichuan Chinese dish, and my boyfriend had a bowl of Crispy Beef with Honey Soy Glaze. The portion for all the dishes ordered was huge. The service level was excellent with the staff frequently checking out our food satisfaction level.

Kuya Pub St Julian's

8. TukTuk South Indian Street Food Kitchen

Tuktuk St Julian’s
Mon – Sun : 10.30 am to 10.30 am

TukTuk South Indian Street Food Kitchen is hidden in Carob Tree Food Court at St. Julian’s together with some others. It prepares authentic Indian food at its best with Indian chefs and counter staff at a glance. The food is gluten controlled and lactose-free. Vegetarian and vegan options are also available.

The most pleasurable food delight was that I found my favourite Papdi Chaat that I have been searching for in many Indian restaurants in Europe. The Papdi Chaat was so delicious that I had to order the second round of Crispy Kale Pakora Chaat to make up one full meal. Oh yes, I had two plates of the chaats family at one go.

My Belgian and Maltese friends could not stop eating my food. They found the chaats unique and refreshing thanks to their high standard chutney and yoghurt as condiments. Their Masala Dosa was huge with three types of sauces, recommended by our local friends to try. Two recommendations for main courses are Mix Tandoor for two to share and also Thali if you like Naan bread and tingly sauces.

If you fancy a warm cup of Asian milk tea, try their aromatic House Chai. Remember to ask them not to make the drink too sweet as Indian tea has a reputation of being overly sweet, not to the liking of many people. If you are curious, do try out the food from the Roadside Chaats food menu section. They have another branch in Valletta.

Tuktuk Malta South Indian Food St Julian's

Valletta Restaurants

9. Valletta St Paul’s AFT

Lying in a chilled quiet street close to 400m walking distance to Fort St. Elmo War Museum is San Paul Coffe, which is a Sicilian Restaurant. The owner was a Maltese, whereas his wife is Italian. One speciality of Sicilian Restaurant was the freshly cooked tomato base for its pasta. As all their pasta menu had tomato sauce and neither was I a fan of it, I asked if they could change the sauce to something else.

They told me they could change it to pesto sauce to go with my swordfish. The chef even came out personally at a later time to ask me if the food were good. The entire dinner was very delightful. I would highly recommend you to stop by at San Paul Coffe for a perfect gastronomic experience with excellent service, beautiful music. The location was also ideal for catching a magnificent sunset over the gleaming sea!

St Paul's Valletta

10. Yard 32 Gin & Tapas Bar

Yard 32 Valletta
Wed – Sun: 6 pm till late

The only bar in Malta with “200 gins and 42 tonic water, live music for 3 days a week, more than 50 different kinds of Tapas” presented to you by Yard 32 Gin & Tapas Bar in Valletta. Influenced by the Spanish culture of serving a proper gin, you first choose your gin from the array of selection. Then, the final concoction will be poured into a ballon glass which releases the aroma of the alcohol slowly with large ice cubes.

That will surely perk you for the fun night in Valletta. If you sit outside the bar over the weekend, you get to listen to free live band performances from the neighbouring bars. Yard 32 Gin & Tapas Bar has an energetic vibe and is one of the best places to spend in Valletta whizzing your nights away with the best gin in Malta.

Yard 32 Valletta

Siggiewi Restaurant

11. Carmen’s Bar & Restaurant

Carmen’s Menu
Mon – Sun (Lunch): 12 to 4.30 pm
Mon – Sun (Dinner): 7 to 10.30 pm

If you are going to Għar Lapsi beach, you would not want to miss taking your lunch at one of the best seafood restaurants in Malta, Carmen’s Bar and Restaurant. I had selected Cuttlefish with Ink, White Wine and Olive Oil as it was quite a rare cuisine to come across. As Malta is an island surrounded by sea, their seafood quality is impeccable.

Here it is, the cuttlefish was so delicious as it was so fresh and had a unique way of making it. No regret of not ordering the fish as I know one can get one on the plate anywhere you go in Malta, but not for the cuttlefish which is less commonly found as it is seasonal food. We also had a stunning view of dining at the seaside. After food, we visited Għar Lapsi. The perfect itinerary for the day.

Carmen's Bar & Restaurant

Mdina Restaurant

12. Fontanella Tea Garden

Fontanella Menu
Mon – Sun: 10 am to 12 midnight

If you are visiting Mdina, you ought to swing by for some desserts or drinks at Fontanella Tea Garden. Our friends told us they served one of the best chocolate cakes around. Therefore, we were there to try out their heavenly desserts. I tried their Bailey Cake, which was not too rich in flavour, but appetising. The plus point of dining here is that you will get a breathtaking view of Mdina from the top of the 40 years old restaurant!

Fontanella Tea Garden Mdina

Gozo Restaurants

13. Ta’ Rikardu Restaurant

Ta’ Rikardu is a traditional Maltese restaurant situated in the Cittadella fortification. They produce their own wine and cheese from the vineyard and farm. The traditional Maltese Stewed Rabbit was one of its specialities. The other recommendation to try the real Maltese food was their Salad with goat cheese, capers, tomatoes, peppers and olives.

I found the goat cheese very strong in taste and not to my liking. For cheese lovers, this would be an adventurous food discovery. Ta’ Rikardu also offers tourists a milking and cheese-making experience.

Ta' Rikardu Gozo

14. Churchill Xlendi

Churchill Xlendi Menu
Mon – Fri: 10 am to 10.30 pm
Sat & Sun: 9 am to 11.30 pm

At Xlendi Bay at Gozo, you can see a stretch of touristic and classy restaurants. They gave the impression that dining here would seem to be more expensive than the rest of those that we had visited. We had decided to drink and then took our dinner at Churchill Restaurant.

I ordered a Roast Lamb braised in white wine, onions, garlic and herbs served with french fries and salad. The lamb meat was succulent and worth its value of €19.50. My partner had a Salmon Supreme (pan-seared salmon fillet, topped with whiskey cream sauce, sprinkled with black sesame seeds.

Here is a relaxing sight of the lovely sea view watching people swim while sitting outdoor at Churchill. After dining, walk up the steps towards the sea for a magnificent sunset view. Overall, a satisfying gastronomic experience here.

Churchill Xlendi

Malta Airport Restaurant

15. Relish

It was time to head back home. We booked a taxi with a mobile app to go to Malta Airport. We walked into Relish cafe after clearing the security as not all the restaurants and cafes were opened in the wee morning.

I was surprised that the sumptuous English Breakfast cost below €12.00 because the food sold at the airport is usually pricier than outside. You can also get the last bite on their traditional Maltese sandwiches, pizza and pasta here. Yes, I had an enjoyable breakfast here to kickstart my morning at 4 am before flying off with Air Malta at 5.20 am.

Relish Malta Airport

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