10 Malta Travel Transport App for Navigation in Malta, Gozo

10 Malta Travel Transport App for Navigation in Malta, Gozo & Comino

Best Mobile Apps to Plan Your Malta Holiday

Here are reviews of the 10 best navigation travel apps to download for your holiday in Malta, Gozo and Comino. You can use them to check for places of interest and bus services. There is no metro system in Malta. Therefore, the most common public transport used is buses. Taking a taxi is also common as well, especially when getting from Malta Airport to the city. Fortunately, cab fares in Malta are considered inexpensive as compared to many other European countries.

Malta may be small, but there are tons of attractions and things to do in keeping you occupied for quite some time. Even the food was worth raving! I went for a 2-week holiday in Malta and have used most of the apps suggested below to discover the places of interest. Most importantly was the transport options in Malta such as getting from Sliema to Valletta by ferry or bus. There are more mobile apps in Malta mentioned on other websites, but many were no longer available to download, which was a pity.

Please note that I am an Android phone user. I have also included similar apps in the Apple Store so you could also enjoy the same benefit by downloading them here. I would not be able to review the functionality of an IOS app if I have suggested alternatives as it may not be available in the Google Play Store.

1. MyMalta

I used MyMalta app pretty often and my favourite of all, especially in the category “Map” on the left menu. On the map are marks of colourful dots representing places of attractions in Malta and Gozo. There are descriptions and entrance fees (if any) stated on every point of interest such as categories in museums, activities, archaeological sites, landmarks.

Another plus point is an indicative date of various events happening in Malta in some months. The best part is internet connection is not required. For IOS users, I recommend the one from Malta Tourism Authority as MyMalta was not available in IOS.

MyMalta App


2. Visit Gozo

Visit Gozo developed by the Government of Gozo is one of the must-have apps if you plan to visit Gozo. It is jam-packed with information in various categories and their points of interest. You can customise the attractions that you want to go to and “Add to Planner” so you can refer to them later.

The app also contains a list of bus routes and numbers operating in Gozo so you can be sure where to alight. You can also search for events for the upcoming two weeks.

Visit Gozo App

Visit Gozo

3. Tallinja

Tallinja is a bus app from Malta Public Transport. The Tallinja card is what the locals use for their daily transportation. As a tourist, I used the function “My Next Bus” to check for the estimated time of arrival of my next bus back to Sliema from Ghajn Tuffieha Bay (aka Riviera Beach).

You can get directions from “Journey Planner” by using the search terms – Street/Road, Places of Interest, Bus Stop Name or Current Location. Quite a useful application besides using Google Maps to check for the nearest bus stop to the place of interest. The app requires registration before use.

Tallinja App


4. Which Beach

If your dream holiday in Malta is to visit the beautiful beaches, then this Which Beach app would be perfect for you to find some of the best spots in Malta, Comino and Gozo. Pick a different beach each day and discover the beauty of soaking in the warm Mediterranean Sea. Other than using an app, you can also search the beaches on the website of Which Beach. Thanks to this useful website, I can plot the geographical locations of these beaches on a single map for easy reference. Not available in IOS.

Which Beach Malta App

Which Beach

5. eCabs

eCabs allow you to book a cab with this app which works similarly to Uber and Grab where you specify a destination and a fixed rate will be given. You can also track the driver’s location. Register with Facebook or an email address and verification by phone is required. Thus, make sure you have a mobile line in Malta. You can also schedule the cab to come at a later time.

We use this app to bring us back from Sliema to the airport at 3 am where we flew with Air Malta at 5.20 am. We booked a taxi in advance. The fixed-rate was €22.90. From Malta Airport to Sliema, the standard cab fare was only €20. The seats of the eCabs were very comfortable compared to many other taxis I had taken before. Take note that eCabs does not operate in Gozo. You have to use a different app below – Bolt.

eCabs Malta Transport App


6. Bolt

Formerly known as Taxify, the Bolt app is another option to order a cab apart from eCabs. After you have input your pick-up point and destination, an estimated price will be shown. The actual fare is based on distance and may differ due to other traffic conditions and often higher as experienced by other Bolt users.

Rides can be only ordered in real-time and cannot be pre-booked in advance. The advantage of Bolt cabs is they operate in Gozo where eCabs do not cover. You also need a mobile number that works in Malta, and a verification code will be sent to the mobile for registration. You can pay in cash or credit card for both apps. It is advisable to pay in cash to avoid dishonest drivers from overcharging your credit card.

Bolt Malta Transport App


7. Meep

Meep is an app that has maps for 4 cities – Malta, Valencia, Malaga and Lisbon. It requires user registration on some personal details before using (a little bit too much in my opinion). It works by entering two locations and combines the use of some transportation apps by pressing the icon “M”.

This app is more complicated to use for me, as compared to other more straightforward ones. Well, there may be some others who like their interface.

Meep Malta Travel App


8. Public Toilets Malta

This Malta app is marked with public toilets around the cities in Malta and also Gozo. You can turn on your GPS to track the position and locate the one nearest to you. From a chosen one, it will direct you to open a map for navigation. This app is not available in IOS. An equivalent toilet finder in IOS would be Flush – Toilet Finder & Map.

Public Toilets Malta App

Public Toilets Malta App

9. Map of Malta Offline

Map of Malta Offline acts as a backup if your mobile data is limited or dies on you for some reason. It is a simple app showing you all the road names in Malta, Gozo and Comino in case you are lost.

The “Search” function on the top right corner of the app will display establishments (POI Search) according to the following categories: Food, Shops, Entertainment, Tourism, Finance, Health, Transport, Service and Education.

If you want to check the distance between two places, you have to press on the screen and select “Route from” (Point A) and then “Route to” (Point B) to get the estimated distance by car, bike or foot.

As the map focus on one country, thus the size is small and does not take up too much space (10 MB). It is not available in IOS. An equivalent app would be MAPS.ME – Offline Map & Nav (171.1 MB).

Map of Malta Offline App

Map of Malta Offline

10. Malta WiFi

Malta WiFi is the first app created to display all the Free and Public WiFi Hotspots around Malta and works offline as well. Before that, you must have an internet connection to load the map before going offline. If you do not load the map first, you will see the WiFi hotspots in a list. You can check for new spots automatically once the app is online.

Unfortunately, Malta WiFi works only on IOS devices. For Android phone users, you can still check for Free WiFi Hotspots from Malta Communications Authority which I have embedded their maps below. *The IOS app is now in APK format on a website so download at your own risk.

Malta WiFi App

Malta WiFi

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