3 Cheap Flights to Kuala Lumpur from Singapore: Scoot, Jetstar

3 Cheap Flights to Kuala Lumpur from Singapore: Scoot, Jetstar & AirAsia

How to Go to Kuala Lumpur from Singapore with Low-Cost Airlines?

Cheap Flights to Kuala Lumpur from Singapore (SIN to KUL) is not a dream as Malaysia is the neighbour of Singapore. Being a Singaporean, I can suggest two methods which you can travel to various cities in Malaysia easily especially if you would like to spend some days there such as a weekend trip to Kuala Lumpur, Pulau Tioman, etc.

The first way to KUL from SIN is with low-cost airlines with AirAsia, Scoot Air, and Jetstar Asia. I will reveal in this article their hidden costs and what to look out for when you book with these low-cost airlines. Subsequently, you can also read 3 Easy and Cheap Ways to Go to Kuala Lumpur City Centre from KL Airport.

The second way is to go by bus from Singapore to Malaysia in a separate article. However, there are some drawbacks by bus when choosing the less expensive option.

Going to Kuala Lumpur from Singapore is generally inexpensive thanks to the depreciating Malaysian Ringgits (RM) over the last few years. With a good exchange rate, you can spend your weekend in Kuala Lumpur at a 4 or 5-star hotel in Malaysia such as Impiana KLCC Hotel for less than €100 a day. You spend lesser on hotel rooms in most cities in Malaysia.

Cheap Flights to Kuala Lumpur from Singapore with AirAsia, Scoot and Jetstar

If you are looking for cheap flights to Kuala Lumpur from Singapore for low-cost airlines instead of international carriers, purchase your air ticket to KL from the three prominent budget airlines from Singapore. Compare the prices and the departure times between them that are most suitable for you. The travel duration from Singapore Kuala Lumpur Airport is 1 hour.

The prices would not differ much between the three low-cost airlines as they are always actively running a promotion. For me, there is no loyalty or preference to these airlines for an hour short trip. Whoever offers the lowest price with my preferred timing would get the deal. The return air ticket to Kuala Lumpur from Singapore starts approximately €70 onwards.

① AirAsia Singapore to Kuala Lumpur

AirAsia is a low-cost Malaysian airline based in Kuala Lumpur. It has won numerous accolades for being the world’s best low-cost carrier for 9 years in a row for international travel and airline awards, including the latest in 2017. The AirAsia Group operates flights to more than 165 destinations spanning 25 countries. They are the largest airline in Malaysia by fleet size and travel destinations. The operation focuses on the domestic regions of Malaysia.

② Scoot Singapore to KL

Scoot Air, formerly known as Tigerair is a low-cost airline owned by Singapore Airlines through its subsidiary Budget Aviation Holdings. Headquartered in Singapore Changi Airport, Scoot operates 24 Airbus 320s and 16 Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Scoot is also Asia/Pacific’s Best Low-Cost Airline for 2015. The flight operation starts in June 2012 on medium and long-haul routes from Singapore, predominantly to China and India.

Jetstar Singapore to Kuala Lumpur

Jetstar Asia is an Australian low-cost airline whose head office is in Melbourne. Each week, Jetstar schedules more than 5,000 flights to over 85 places across Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and the Pacific. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Qantas to cater to the low-cost market. Even though the highlight of Jetstar air routes prevails in the Australian cities, they have many unbeatable airfares from Singapore to KL which I had booked the most in the past.

9 Tips for Booking Cheap Flights to Kuala Lumpur from Singapore for Low-Cost Airlines

Budget airline companies such as AirAsia, Scoot, and Jetstar earn more revenue when you purchase their additional add-on items. There are so many pushy advertisements on every page that you have to screen them carefully to uncheck the unnecessary before hitting the payment page. Here are 9 tips for you to understand and avoid the hidden cost in them for your ultimate frenzy cheap flights to Kuala Lumpur from Singapore.

|1| Airfare will increase sharply nearer to your planned date

Book your cheap flight to Kuala Lumpur from Singapore at least 3 weeks in advance. The air ticket prices increase gradually on the second last week of your desired date. It is different from international air routes from Europe to Asia because the low promotional airfare can maintain even if you book a few days in advance before the departure date.

|2| Cheaper to book directly from the budget airlines

I had done the research several times when I used these airlines to travel to KL or other parts of Asia in the past. Each time, it was cheaper to book the flights from the low-cost airline directly than from the travel comparison websites. For international flights from Asia to Europe or vice versa, it was cheaper to get the air ticket from a travel comparison website.

|3| Avoid Public Holidays and School Holidays like a plague

The airfares are going to increase two to threefold higher if your range of travel dates coincide with either the Singapore or Malaysia Public Holidays as most people like to go for holidays on these dates. Pick a low peak season, flying at odd hours like 6 am or on a weekday will give you some price advantage.

|4| Pay attention to sneaky, inconspicuous checkbox

Some items are pre-ticked for you online which will add to your overall airfare cost if you are not paying enough attention. Travel insurance, checked-in baggage, seat allocation, and even membership sign-up are a guilty bunch. You have to uncheck items you do not want before paying so as not to pay for them unwittingly.

|5| Free meals are not provided

This point is understood by most people. Avoid buying your food and drinks onboard the low-cost flight because it is expensive. The destination from Singapore to other cities in Malaysia are at most 3 hours of flight time. The duration from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur takes precisely 1 hour. Prepare your own food and drinks to take with you for a short flight.

|6| Selection of seats is not free

Random seats will be allocated to you. When you book for two or more people, all may sit apart. To avoid this, you can purchase ‘preferred seats’ at the start of the booking. The legroom and seat space are smaller compared to standard airlines. They are probably built for petite and shorter people. If you have long legs and need more space, you can buy seats with extra legroom at a low cost.

|7| High credit card processing fees

Unfortunately, you do not get to see the amount of the credit card processing fees upfront until you proceed to the payment checkout where it will be reflected. The cost is SGD 10/flight/person. For example, if you have 2 people travelling to Kuala Lumpur from Singapore on a return trip, it will cost SGD20 (€12.50 / US$14.50) per person, SGD40 (€25 / US$29) in total.

|8| Check-in online where possible

AirAsia charges passengers counter check-in for domestic and international flights in some countries. Similar to RyanAir who imposes an exorbitant fee of €50 on all their flights. However, you can get your boarding pass printed at the airport or via email after checking in online. I have yet to know at this point in time that Scoot and Jetstar do the same thing.

|9| Travel light to cut costs

That goes to say no baggage check-in which can save you some money. For short trips, pack all your clothes in a hand-carry haversack or use the laundry facility in a hotel if you are staying longer. If you have travel luggage to check-in, book it online in advance to avoid a higher cost if you purchase an upgrade later at the counter.

Baggage Fees: AirAsia, Scoot & Jetstar

The baggage fee of AirAsia, Scoot, and Jetstar in Singapore Dollars (SGD) on a table for comparison. I have also converted the currency rate from SGD to EURO and USD for international travellers to refer easily.

  • 1 EURO = SGD 1.60
  • 1 USD = SGD 1.38

*The baggage fees and conversion rates are correct at the time of writing and may be subject to change.

① AirAsia Luggage Price
Up to 20 kg S$19.95 €12.50 $14.50 
Up to 25 kg S$25.30 €15.80  $18.30 
Up to 30kg S$39.30 €24.60  $28.50  
Up to 40kg S$59.85 €37.40  $43.40  
② Scoot Airlines Baggage Cost
Up to 20 kg S$22.00 €13.75 $16.00 
Up to 25 kg S$32.00 €20.00  $23.20 
Up to 30kg S$30.00 €18.75  $21.70  
Up to 35kg S$54.00 €33.75  $39.10  
Up to 40kg S$64.00 €40.00  $46.40  
③ Jetstar Baggage Price
Up to 15 kg S$18.00 €11.25 $13.00 
Up to 20 kg S$19.00 €12.00 $13.80 
Up to 25 kg S$37.00 €23.10 $26.80 
Up to 30kg S$38.00 €23.75  $27.50  
Up to 35kg S$63.00 €39.40  $45.70  
Up to 40kg S$64.00 €40.00 $46.40  


I have to confess that among all my trips to Kuala Lumpur and other Asian cities, Jetstar was the airline that I booked most of the time as it offered the lowest airfare to all my destinations so far after a price comparison. Still the same old trick – No loyalty to any of the three airlines. Whoever gives the cheapest airfare with my preferred timing gets the deal.

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